‘Far Too Many Changes, in Every Way You Can Ever Think of”

Duration: 00:07:17

Cultures: English

Shelf mark: C900/11537

Recording date: 1998/12/01

Recording locations: Mulbarton, Norfolk: OS Grid Reference(619500,300500)

Producers: BBC

Recordists: Turpin, Alison (female, interviewer)

Speakers: Tungate, Bryan (b.1939/06/06; male, garage clerk)


Bryan describes the changes he has witnessed in the last sixty years in Mulbarton and talks about people’s over-dependence on the car as a means of transport. Wymondham is a town just to the west of Mulbarton, Norwich a city just to the north and Swainsthorpe a village just to the east.

The British Library’s Archival Sound Recordings: Survey of English Dialects.


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St. Leonard of Iron

Shortly after the descent from Mount Loibl is situated the church of St. Leonard of Carinthia, to which the faithful stream due to the many and various wonders that God almighty has performed and still performs, through the merits and the intercession of this St. Leonard; and in this church are found countless iron restraints – handcuffs, shackles and other fetters brought there by those freed from them….

Itinerario di Paolo Santonino in Carinzia, Carniola e Stiria, 1485-1486-1487: Secondo Viaggio

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